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Mary Newland Taylor
Regents' Proceedings 1149

MARY N. TAYLOR, Professor of Social Work, has retired from the School of Social Work as of May 31, 1978.

Having done her undergraduate work at Wilson College, and then obtaining an M.S.W. degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work, Mary Taylor's sound educational and practice experience provided exemplary credentials for her appointment to the Institute of Social Work at The University of Michigan in the Fall of 1947. In her practice of social work, she excelled as a caseworker, supervisor, and field instructor, with her practice ranging from service with the Children's Aid Society of Pennsylvania to the Cleveland Humane Society to the American Red Cross to the Methodist Children's Home Society.

As Miss Taylor moved through the ranks at The University of Mchigan to full Professor in August 1965, her teaching and development of social work offerings throughout the State brought distinction to her and to the School of Social Work. From her early dedication to quality education for students in the most remote parts of the State through Extension, she moved with equal eagerness to make contributions to teaching within the School and at the undergraduate level as Concentration Advisor in Social Work in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts.

Miss Taylor quickly became the School's expert in school social work, moving to this pedestal through her work with students at the University and throughout the State, her training of visiting teachers, and her affiliations with the Department of Public Instruction and the School of Education. No one person has been so instrumental in furthering the cause and practice of visiting teachers-social workers in the State of Michigan. From Ann Arbor to Grand Rapids to Gaylord to Boyne Mountain to Mackinac Island, Mary Taylor has moved actively and forcefully to promote social work education. She has continuously sought to assure that the training of professionals would provide for quality services to the people of Michigan.

Within the School of Social Work, Miss Taylor's colleagues and students respect her keen grasp of educational issues and her competence as a teacher and student advisor.

For her over thirty years of service to The University of Michigan, her guidance to students seeking directions in their careers, and her special commitment to school social work, the Regents salute Professor Mary Taylor by naming her Professor Emeritus of Social Work.