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Marilyn Belle Major Will
School of Nursing

Marilyn Belle Major Will, Ph.D., R.N., Assistant Professor of Nursing

B.S.N., University of Michigan; M.P.H., University of Michigan, 1972; Ph.D.

Instructor in Nursing 1972-1974, Assistant Professor of Nursing 1974-1980, University of Michigan School of Nursing. Leave of absence, 1978-1980; Associate Professor, Manoa School of Nursing, University of Hawaii.

At the University of Michigan Marilyn B. Will taught community health nursing. Her article “Referral: A Process, Not a Form” was published in the December 1977 issue of the journal Nursing (vol. 7, no. 12:44-45). In 1994, while on faculty at University of Hawaii she co-authored an article on the use of interactive television to deliver graduate nursing education remotely (Journal of Nursing Education; Thorofare Vol. 33, No. 4, April 1994: 188-190).

Born in 1941, Marilyn Belle Major was the daughter of Kenneth E. Major and Florence Ritchie Major of Detroit, Michigan. She graduated from Cooley High School in Detroit in 1958. In June 1962 she was married to John Paul Will, also a Cooley High alumnus, who was in graduate school at University of Wisconsin. After 1978 Marilyn earned the Doctor of Philosophy and resumed using her birth name.

Marilyn’s avocation was sea turtle research, and she established the Marilyn Major Trust in Honolulu, Hawaii to support that work. At Fort Pierce, Florida in 1987 Dr. Marilyn Major gave a talk on the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle research project at Northwest Hawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge.

Dr. Major died at her home in Grants Pass, Oregon in 2017 at age 77. According to her obituary her ashes were to be scattered off the coast of Kauai.