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Margaret Ursell
School of Nursing

Margaret Ursell, M.S., R.N., Assistant Professor of Nursing

B.S.N., University of Maryland School of Nursing, 1961; M.S., University of Maryland, 1963

Assistant Professor of Nursing (Neuropsychiatric Nursing), University of Michigan School of Nursing, 1962-1964.

Ursell resigned from the University on December 31, 1964. Subsequently she became assistant director of nursing at the Howard M. Hanna Pavilion, a 90-bed psychiatric wing at University Hospitals of Cleveland, Ohio. A remembrance posted by a co-worker at Hanna Pavilion in 2016 affirmed that “she will forever be remembered as the nurse who created a close family atmosphere for all nursing staff.”

Margaret Ursell, born in Germany in 1918, emigrated to the United States in 1946. She may have graduated from a nursing program in Germany because she obtained a nursing job at Chestnut Lodge, Rockville, Maryland upon arrival in the United States. In Gail A. Hornstein’s book “To Redeem One Person Is to Redeem the World: A Life of Frieda Fromm-Reichmann” (Free Press, 2000) Ursell is mentioned on page 197 as having come [to Chestnut Lodge] to be a head nurse “after the war.”

Ursell became a naturalized citizen at Rockville, Maryland in 1953. She died in Cleveland, Ohio in 2009 at age 91.