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Margaret Bell
Regent's Proceedings 670

Dr. Margaret Bell, Professor of Hygiene and Physical Education, Chairman of the Program of Physical Education for Women, and Physician in the Health Service. Dr. Bell, having reached the age of seventy years on September 8, 1958, has become eligible for retirement under the Bylaws of the University.

A graduate of the Sargent Normal School of Physical Education, of the University of Chicago, of the Trudeau School of Tuberculosis, and of the Rush Medical School, Dr. Bell joined the faculty of this University in 1923. In thirty-five years of service, she has developed a program of physical education for women that has set the pattern nationally; she has helped plan and give leadership to the reorganization of the University Health Service; she has become a symbol of physical and mental fitness for all students.

The Women's Swimming Pool, first unit of a new gymnasium for women, stands as a tribute to her unflagging determination to provide this new facility. The students' affection and admiration for Dr. Bell is recorded in their gift to the University of her portrait that hangs in the foyer of this building.

The Regents cordially felicitate Dr. Bell upon her achievements as teacher, administrator, and physician to students, and confer upon her the titles Professor Emeritus of Hygiene and Physical Education, Chairman Emeritus of the Program of Physical Education for Women, and Physician Emeritus in the Health Service. They, furthermore, invite her to avail herself of the courtesies that customarily are extended to emerita.