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Marcus Llewellyn Ward
Regent's Proceedings 955

WHEREAS, Marcus Llewellyn Ward, Jonathan Taft Professor of Dentistry, after a distinguished career of activity as teacher, investigator and educational administrator in the field of dentistry will on August 5, 1945, attain the age of seventy years, and

WHEREAS, in the forty-two years of his membership in the Faculty of this University, during thirty-seven of which he occupied a professorial chair and for eighteen years was Dean of the School, Dr. Ward has taken a conspicuous part, both on this campus and among the profession of dentistry at large in contemporary efforts to enlarge our knowledge of dental technics and to improve the quality of dental education, and has thereby gained widespread recognition among his colleagues, which is evidenced by his election to the chief offices of the Michigan State Dental Society, the American Dental Association, and the American Association of Dental Schools; therefore be it

Resolved, That the Regents of the University of Michigan cordially thank Dr. Marcus L. Ward for his loyal, able, and honorable service to this University and for his noteworthy contributions to its reputation as an institution of learning, and felicitate him upon his many accomplishments during the long period of his service upon its official staff, and be it further

Resolved, That Dr. Marcus L. Ward be permitted to retire from active duty on August 5, 1945, with the title Professor Emeritus of Dentistry and Dean Emeritus of the School of Dentistry and with retiring allowance as provided by the Bylaws of this Board, and that he be invited to avail himself of all the courtesies customarily extended to emeritus members of the faculty.