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Marcia Susan DeCann Andersen
School of Nursing

Marcia Susan DeCann Andersen, Ph.D., R.N., Clinical Instructor in Nursing (Fundamentals)

B.S.N., University of Michigan School of Nursing, 1964; M.S.N., University of Michigan, 1974; Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1978. Marcia DeCann Andersen was the first person to get a doctoral degree in Nursing from University of Michigan.

Clinical Instructor in Nursing (Fundamentals), University of Michigan School of Nursing, 1970-1972.

Early in her career Andersen worked in public health nursing, geriatric nursing, and emergency room nursing. She taught at Harper Hospital School of Nursing and, after 1978, at Wayne State University. In 1983 she started the first of two nursing companies and received a grant to work with women in prison who were drug addicted. In 1990 she started Personalized Nursing LIGHT House, Inc., a drug treatment program which used a nursing model that she herself had developed.

Andersen wrote an autobiography in 2004 which was included in a memorial written by a classmate from Highland Park, Michigan, D.A. McCray. Published July 8, 2012, it may be viewed at