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Mabel Edna Garlick Stocker
School of Nursing

Mabel Edna Garlick Stocker, R.N., Assistant Instructor in Principles and Practice of Nursing

Diploma, University of Michigan Hospital School of Nursing, 1930. Participated in a pilot program of clinical rotation to each of four clinical areas, every three months, as an assistant to a head nurse or supervisor, to gain experience in executive work, 1930-1931.

Assistant Night Superintendent and Assistant Head Nurse, Out-Patient Department, University of Michigan Hospital, 1930-1931; Assistant Instructor in Principles and Practice of Nursing, University of Michigan Hospital School of Nursing, 1931-1932; Head Nurse, Neurology Clinic, University of Michigan Hospital, 1932-1934 (General Register); Head Nurse, Private Floor, ibid., 1934-1936 (Scalpel); Head Nurse, ibid., 1935-1942. (University of Michigan General Register lists her as Head Nurse of Dermatology Ward from 1935 to 1938, and subsequent Ann Arbor City Directories list her simply as Head Nurse at University Hospital from 1938 to 1942).

During World War II Stocker served as a nurse in the United States Army, holding the rank of second lieutenant. She was married to Philip Bosworth Stocker in St. Louis, Missouri in December 1942, and after the war they settled in Irondequoit, New York. Stocker was employed until age 70 at Strong Memorial Hospital, now retitled UR (University of Rochester) Medicine in Rochester, New York.

Mabel Edna Garlick Stocker was born on a farm near Belleville, Michigan in 1908, the only red-head among twelve children. She died in 2005 in Rochester, New York at age 97.