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Lieutenant George Carleton Mullen
The Michigan Alumnus 76-85

Lieutenant George Carleton Mullen, who comes to the University as
 Professor of Military Science and Tactics, was born July 25th, 1878, at 
Jefferson, Ohio.

His early education was received at the Jefferson Educa
tional Institute, where he was graduated in 1898.

After serving in the
 Spanish-American War in Company "E," Fifth Ohio Volunteers, he entered the United States Regular Army in June, 1900, as a private, and went 
to China at the time of the Boxer uprising, later taking part in the cam
paign in the Philippines. He received his commission February 2, 1901.

He took a very active part in the final campaign against the Filipino insur
rections in Southern Luzon, serving in nearly every capacity, not only mili
tary but civil. He returned to the United States after peace was declared, 
 where he was stationed at Fort Snelling, Minnesota. In 1905 he again
 went to the Philippines and served in the campaign against Pulajanes in the 
Island of Samar. He was promoted to a First Lieutenancy in 1906.

 1907 he returned to the United States to Fort Logan, Colo., when he re
tired from active service on account of ill health. From 1908-1909 he
 served as Professor of Military Science and Tactics at St. Matthew's Mili
tary School, Burlingame, California.

He was married to Miss Olga Atherton, niece of Mrs. Gertrude Ather
ton, of San Francisco, California, on February 15, 1911. They have one
 son, Carleton Atherton, born January 17, 1912.