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Leonard Earl Heller
School of Nursing

Leonard Earl Heller, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Postgraduate Medicine and Health Professions Education and Associate Professor of Educational Resources, Nursing

B.S., University of Kansas, 1967; M.S., University of Kansas; Ed.D., education administration, University of Kansas, 1972.

Assistant Professor of Postgraduate Medicine and Health Professions Education, Medical School and Associate Professor of Educational Resources, School of Nursing, University of Michigan, 1974-1977.

At the University of Michigan Medical Center, Heller was Assistant Director of the Office of Educational Resources and Research, 1974-1977. Heller resigned from the University as of March 25, 1977. The Regents’ Proceedings state he was associate professor of Postgraduate Medicine and Health Professions Education at the time of his resignation, but the date of promotion from assistant professor to associate professor was not found.

Subsequently Heller was acting director of education and operations at the McDowell Cancer Network from 1980 to 1983. He served as vice chancellor for academic affairs at the University of Kentucky Albert B. Chandler Medical Center from 1983 to 1986. From 1986 to 1991 he was a senior lecturer in public health at University of Illinois. He was president of a company that developed drug tests for Thoroughbred racehorses when recruited for Governor Brereton Jones administration. From 1992 to 1993 Heller chaired Governor Jones’ Health Care Reform Commission and served as Kentucky’s Secretary of the Cabinet for Human Resources, its largest agency.

In 2006 the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees appointed Heller Vice President for Commercialization and Economic Development, a position created in October of that year. More recently, Heller has lectured in the School of Public Policy and Administration at University of Kentucky (2012-2013 Undergraduate Bulletin).