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Leon Segat
Regent's Proceedings 1281

Leon Segat of the School of Dentistry, being of an age formally to retire from the faculty, is eligible for an emeritus appointment and merits from the Regents a note of thanks for his faculty service.

Born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1902, Dr. Segat earned a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Stomatological Academy of that city in 1936. There he taught for a period and gained also experience in private practice. Leaving Poland in the troubled times ensuing, he came to the United States, where he taught briefly at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee, and completed the course of study of The University of Michigan School of Dentistry. He began to teach in the Dental School in 1945, earned a master's degree in 1948, and was advanced to Assistant Professor in 1950, at which time he assumed also duties in the Health Service. The University appointed him Associate Professor of Dentistry in 1956. He resigned his appointment in the Dental School last summer, but has remained Director of the Dental Clinic in the Health Service.

A superior clinical teacher in the field of crown and bridge prosthesis, he supplied skillful technical demonstrations and stimulated his students to match his precision and care. He possessed, in fine, a most happy combination of professional and pedagogic gifts. He further contributed a number of articles to the literature in his field.

His colleagues in the Dental School respected and appreciated his capable and devoted instruction, and deeply regret the loss of his services. The Regents of the University, too, as they appoint him Associate Professor Emeritus of Dentistry, tender him their esteem and thanks for his able offices in the School of Dentistry, and add their cordial personal good wishes for his future happiness.