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Classroom Profile

Lawrence Carnahan Maugh
The Michigan Alumnus 6

'34, Professor of Civil Engineering at 
the University, joined the faculty as
 an Instructor in 1925, and has remained on the staff continually, with
 the exception of two summers and in
 1942 a leave of absence. That year he
 served as a structural consultant for 
Goodyear Aircraft Corporation, assist
ing in the development of rigid air-
ships as well as those heavier-than-air.

Professor Maugh, the author of a book,
 "Statically Indeterminate Structures"
 (1946), was born at Wyoming, On
tario, April 3, 1901. He attended high
 school at Milford, Michigan, before 
entering the University, and during
 1921-23 he was an Instructor at
 South Dakota State College. He earned
 an M.S. degree from the college in 
1923, and the next year he took a
 position as bridge designer for the 
Indiana Highway Commission, remain
ing with the commission until coming 
back to Ann Arbor.

During the Sum
mer of 1926, he served as an assistant
 engineer at General Motors Proving
 Ground, and in the summer of 1929
 he served as a structural designer for 
Malcomson and Higgenbotham, of De
troit. In 1931, Maugh became an 
Assistant Professor, and in 1944 he 
was advanced to Associate Professor. His latest promotion came in July of
 this year.

In 1941, although retaining 
his teaching duties, he assisted the
 Navy Department by study of the
 structural detail of aircraft carriers. 
 Professor Maugh is a member of Tau 
Beta Pi, the American Society of Civil
 Engineers, Sigma XI, Michigan Engi
neering Society, International Associa
tion for Bridge and Structural Engi
neers, and the Institute of Aeronautical
 Sciences. He is an honorary member
 of Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity. 
For a number of years he was faculty
 adviser for the University student
 chapter of the American Society of 
Civil Engineers, and is a member of 
the College of Engineering Scholastic
 Standing Committee.

The professor is
 married to Lois Rowe, a graduate of
 Presbyterian Hospital School of Nurs
ing, and they have a 13-year-old 
daughter and a 15-year-old son.