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Career Information

Kenneth Myron Case

Born: September 23,1923 (New York,New York)
Died: February 1,2006


1945: SB,Harvard University
1946: MS,Harvard University
1948: PhD,Harvard University (Physics)

Major Positions

1948-1950: Institute for Advanced Study,Member
1949-1950: University of California,Berkeley,Research Associate,Radiation
1950-1951: University of Rochester,Research Associate
1951-1952: University of Michigan,Assistant Professor of Chemistry
1951-1969: University of Michigan,Assistant Professor to Professor of Physics
1969-1988: Rockefeller University,Professor of Physics
1988-2006: Rockefeller University,Emeritus Professor of Physics

Other Positions

1944-1945: Manhattan Project,Los Alamos Laboratory,Researcher
1956-1956: University of California,Berkeley, Visiting Professor,Radiation
1961-1961: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Visiting Professor
1963-1964: MassachusettsInstitute o!Technology, Visiting Professor
1981-1982: University of California,San Diego, Visiting Professor,Institute of
Nonlinear Studies

Selected Part-Time Positions

1988-2006: Adjunct Professor,Institute of Nonlinear Studies,University of California, San Diego