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Kathleen Whalen Meilinggaard Nielsen
School of Nursing

Kathleen Whalen Meilinggaard Nielsen, B.S.N., R.N., Clinical Instructor in Nursing (Fundamentals)

B.S.N., University of Michigan School of Nursing, 1969.

Clinical Instructor in Nursing (Fundamentals), University of Michigan School of Nursing, 1969-1971; Nursing Supervisor, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Michigan, 1971-1974; Emergency Department Nurse, Memorial Hospital, Saint Joseph, Michigan, 1976-1979; Clinical Instructor in the associate degree program, Kent State University, East Liverpool Branch, 1979-1983.

Kathleen Susan Whalen, a 1965 graduate of Cody High School in Detroit, was class president her senior year of nursing school. She and Bruce Monrad Meilinggaard were married in August 1969. In the mid-1970s they changed the name Meilinggaard to Nielsen. Bruce Nielsen was a hospital administrator, serving variously with Memorial Hospital, Saint Joseph, Michigan (1976-1979); East Liverpool City Hospital, East Liverpool, Ohio (1979-1989); and St. Louis Shriners Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri. Going full circle, Kathleen Whalen has returned to using her birth name.