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Karl Eugen Guthe
The Michigan Alumnus 74-78

Karl Eugen Guthe was born March 
5, 1866, in Hannover, Germany. His
 early education was received at the 
Gymnasium at Hannover and the
 Technical School there, where he spent 
the two years, 1885-87.

He entered 
the University of Marburg in 1887, where he spent the succeeding two 
years, passing the state's examination
 in 1889, becoming a teacher at Strasburg, where he remained until 1891, when he reentered the University of
 Marburg, receiving the degree of 
Ph.D. in 1892. The same year he
 came to America and became instruc
tor in physics in the University of 
Michigan in 1893. In 1900 he became 
Assistant Professor of Physics, which
 rank he held until he was called to the 
Bureau of Standards as Associate

In 1905 he was called to
 the University of Iowa as Professor
 of Physics and Head of the Depart
ment, a position that he held until 
he was recalled to the University as
 Professor of Physics. Professor 
Guthe is the author of "Manual of 
Physics Measurements," in collabor
ation with Professor John O. Reed 1902, 1907; "Laboratory Exercises,"
1903; "Heat" in Blakiston's text book 
of Physics, 1908; and over forty arti
cles on physics in scientific journals. Among the more recent of which 
are "The Silver Coulometer, 1905; 
" E.M.F. of Weston and Clark Standard Cells," 1906; "Das elektrochem
ische Aequivalent des Silbers," 1906; 
 "Experiments on Heusler's Magnetic
Alloys," 1906; "Photoelectric Proper-
ties of Selenium Cells," 1907; "Standard Cells," 1907; and "Peculiarities in 
the Elastic Properties of Certain Substances," 1908.

Professor Guthe is 
also a member of Sigma Xi and the
 American Association for the Ad
vancement of Science, of which he is
 vice-president and chairman of the 
physics section. He is also member of 
the Committee on Physics in two
 other Associations, a member of 
the American Physical Society; the
 Deutsche Physikalische Gesellchaft; 
the Washington Academy of Science; 
Iowa Academy of Science; and the
 Washington Philosophical Society. 
 He was also a member of the Jury of
 Awards of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition.

He was married in 1892 to 
Clara Belle Ware of Grand Rapids, 
 Mich., and has three children.