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Karl Eugen Guthe
The Michigan Alumnus 10-17

Dr. Karl E. Guthe, assistant pro
fessor of physics since 1900 and in
structor in physics from 1893 to 1900, 
 has gone to Washington to become 
assistant physicist in the National
 Bureau of Standards in the Depart
ment of Commerce and Labor.

 Guthe is a German, and was edu
cated in the technical school at Han
over, and in the universities of Mar
burg, Strassburg, and Berlin. Before
 coming to this country, he had taught
 a year and a half in the University of
 Strassburg. He has published Lab
oratory Exercises with Primary and
 Storage Cells, and (with Dr. John O. 
 Reed) A Manual of Physical Mea
surements, besides a considerable 
number of papers.

His principal
 work at the University has been in 
electricity and heat. With Professors
 Patterson and Carhart he has worked
 on the redetermination of electrical
 units, and with Professor Trowbridge, 
of Wisconsin, on the coherer.

In the
 new Bureau of Standards he will be in
 charge of the section for absolute 
electrical measurements. The work
 will be exclusively research, and will 
be of great importance for the defini
tion of the electrical units of current, 
 electromotive force, and resistance.