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Josephine M. Sana
Regents' Proceedings 660

Josephine M. Sana, Professor of Nursing, will retire from active faculty status as of May 31, 1986, after 26 productive years as a pioneer and teacher.

In 1945 Professor Sana received her nursing diploma from Cook County Hospital in Chicago. While working as a nurse for 15 years at Cook County and other nearby hospitals, Professor Sana completed graduate studies at the University of Chicago, receiving her M.A. degree in 1959.

She joined The University of Michigan in 1960 as an instructor in the undergraduate-nursing program. As an assistant professor in 1962, she helped develop the graduate program in medical-surgical nursing. As associate professor in 1964, she developed and taught several new courses and was the first nurse to publish an article in The University of Michigan Medical Center Journal in 1965.

Professor Sana helped test and refine the McCain Systematic Nursing Assessment, a precursor of the nursing process. She had a four-year joint appointment as a research associate in the Institute for Social Research and was promoted to professor in 1969.

In 1975 Professor Sana was the first University of Michigan medical-surgical nursing faculty member to publish a book, Physical Appraisal Methods in Nursing Practice, with Richard D. Judge, M.D. In 1976 she earned a certificate as a specialist in gerontology, and was the first member of medical-surgical nursing to receive an appointment in the Institute of Gerontology. Professor Sana provided leadership for the initial planning for a focus on gerontology nursing within the School of Nursing.

Professor Sana has provided consultation services in Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, and Michigan. She has been active in a variety of professional organizations, participating in numerous committees, and serving in several elected offices. From 1960 to the present, Professor Sana has served as speaker, workshop leader, panelist, and presenter at a variety of Michigan and Illinois conferences and workshops.

The Regents now salute this distinguished nursing and health educator for her dedicated service by naming Josephine M. Sana Professor Emeritus of Nursing.