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Joseph J. Wehrer
Regents' Proceedings 250

Joseph J. Wehrer, professor of architecture, will retire from active faculty status on May 31, 1989.

Professor Wehrer received his B.S.M.E. degree from the Stevens Institute of Technology in 1945 and his B.Arch. degree from the University of Michigan in 1954. He joined the faculty of the College of Architecture and Design in 1956. Professor Wehrer's professional career was influenced by two important national figures in architecture. After graduation, he first worked for R. Buckminster Fuller, designer, philosopher, and futurist, and later worked in the office of Eero Saarinen and Associates. In recent years, his work has emphasized the design of institutional environments, and he has become well known for his work on hospitals and facilities that serve the special needs of those with limited physical capabilities. He has won a number of national and international competitions, including the Toronto City Hall and Square in 1958 and the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in 1959.

Professor Wehrer's breadth of interests and superior qualifications have marked him as one of the most outstanding members of the faculty. His imaginative manner of presenting material to his students created a response that led to efforts far beyond their usual performance. He has been truly a brilliant and gifted teacher in the eyes of both his students and colleagues. In addition, he has served on the College Executive Committee, the College Deanship Committee, Exhibition Committee and the Educational Program Committee. As a research scientist, Professor Wehrer has specialized in building programming and architectural research relating to health care. In 1975, he and Professor Colin Clipson were awarded highest honors in a national competition sponsored by Progressive Architecture Magazine. They won a "first award" in recognition of their book, Planning for Cardiac Care: A Guide to the Planning and Design of Cardiac Care Facilities. Professor Wehrer has also received recognition for research on architecture of the theatre and performing arts.

Professor Wehrer's work was punctuated with experimental and novel ideas. Through his work both outside and within the University, he strove to bring together many diverse fields of thought. His teaching skills and extensive professional experience have been invaluable to the University. The Regents happily salute this distinguished faculty member by naming Joseph J. Wehrer Professor Emeritus of Architecture.