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Classroom Profile

John Worthington Hyde
The Michigan Alumnus 416

JOHN W. HYDE, Associate Professor 
of Planning in the College of Architec
ture and Design, came to the Univer
sity last August to develop the new
 graduate course in city and regional
 planning, after having served with the 
National Housing Agency, Office of the
 Administrator. He was representative
 of NHA in Washington, D.C., Metro
politan Area, including suburban Ma
ryland and Virginia, Hawaii, Puerto
 Rico and other off-continent possessions, and for two years was in charge 
of the administration of a war housing 
program of 85,000 private and public 

Professor Hyde is a native of
 Amherst, Mass., and he was educated 
at Massachusetts State College and 
Harvard University. From 1926 to
 1928, he was instructor in landscape 
architecture at Michigan State College, 
 serving as a critic in junior and senior 
design courses. At this time he also 
designed an improved site plan for the
 State Fair Grounds at Detroit.

ing a summer of travel in Europe in
 1927, Professor Hyde spent five years 
as Assistant Professor of Landscape
 Architecture and Associate Professor
 of Landscape Architecture at Alabama
 Polytechnic Institute. He developed
 the first major course in landscape
 architecture to be given in that section
 of the country, and designed and laid 
out five large experimental stations and
 numerous school and public building
 sites during this period.

From 1933 to
1936, he was on leave attending Har
vard University graduate school, and 
the following year was spent with the. 
Planning Section of Greenbelt Resettlement Project. From 1937 to 1938, 
 he served as planning engineer with the
 New Jersey State Planning Board, 
 where he directed park and recreational
 state plans and the "Island Beach"
 recreational planning study, among 
other assignments. From 1938 to 1943, 
he served with the National Resources
 Planning Board, where he was senior 
planning technician in charge of opera
tions in the Baltimore Regional Office. 
 In this capacity he served as advisor 
to state planning boards and local and 
regional planning organizations on land
 and community planning and public 
works construction, among other inter
esting duties.

Professor Hyde is a
 member of the American Institute of 
Planners; the Michigan Society of Municipal Planning Officers; and Chairman, AIP Committee on National Ros
ter; is a member of Scarab honorary 
architectural society; consultant to the
 American Society of Planning Officials 
and the Michigan Planning Commis
sion; and others. He is married and
 has two children.