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John Sundwall
Regent's Proceedings 856

John Sundwall, B.S. '03, Ph.D. '06, Chicago, M.D. '12, Johns Hopkins, came to the faculty of the University of Michigan in 1921 from the University of Minnesota, where he had served as professor of hygiene and public health and director of the University Health Service. He had previously occupied professorial chairs at the University of Utah and the University of Kansas.

As director of the Division of Hygiene and Public Health from 1921 to 1941, Dr. Sundwall was responsible for the introduction of professional instruction in the public health field at the University of Michigan, and laid the groundwork for the later development of this subject in the School of Public Health, which in 1941 became the successor of the Division of Hygiene and Public Health.

A respected member of his profession, highly regarded for his fine personal qualities, Dr. Sundwall, having reached the age of seventy years on June 13, 1950, is now retiring as an active member of our faculty.

To the good wishes of his many colleagues and friends the Regents of the University of Michigan add their cordial felicitations, and they furthermore confer upon Dr. John Sundwall the title of Professor Emeritus of Hygiene and Public Health, inviting him to avail himself of all the courtesies customarily extended to emeritus members of the faculty.