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John Romain Rood
History of the University of Michigan

JOHN ROMAIN ROOD was born at Lapeer, Michigan, July 9, 1868, son of Alpheus A. and Martha E. (Gass) Rood. He is descended from New England families on both sides, his maternal ancestors having been originally Scotch. His grandfather, Aaron Rood, came from Barre, Vermont, with his family and settled at Lapeer in 1834. The grandson was graduated from the Lapeer High School in 1889, read law, entered the Law Department of the University of Michigan the following year, and was graduated Bachelor of Laws in 1891.

He began the practice of his profession at Marquette, Michigan, and remained there till 1898, when he was called to the University as Instructor in Law. In 1904 he was advanced to Assistant Professor of Law, and in 1906 he was made Professor of Law.

Besides numerous articles on legal topics, he has published the following: "A Treatise on the Law of Garnishment " (1896); "A Treatise on the Common Remedial Processes, or the Means by which Judgments are Enforced" (1900); "Important English Statutes such as are Re-enacted in Form or in Substance in Most of the States of the United States" (1900) ; "A Treatise on the Law of Attachments, Garnishments, Judgments,and Executions, together with a collection of Cases on the Same Topics " (1902) ; " A Treatise on the Law of Wills and Gifts Causa Mortis, and an Outline of the Law of Descent and Administration " (1904).

On November 14, 1893, he was married to Stella B. Davenport, and they have two children, Royal and Marion.

-- From "History of the University of Michigan" by Burke Aaron Hinsdale. Published by the University of Michigan in 1906.