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John Revell Reinhard
The Michigan Alumnus 786

Professor John Revell Reinhard comes to Michigan with a very 
thorough preparation for his work in 
the department of Romance Languages. His collegiate education was received at
 Harvard, where he took his A.B. in 1915, his A.M. in 1916, and his Ph.D. in 1921. The last degree was taken in comparative
 literature. In partial fulfillment of the 
requirements for this degree, he edited
 an old French text entitled Amadas et 
Iodine, and made a critical study of it 
from the point of view of comparative

Served Year in French Army

During the school year 1916-17 Pro
fessor Reinhard taught English Litera
ture at Mount Holyoke. Then he served
 one year with the French army, before 
becoming attached to the American Gen
eral Staff at Headquarters in France, 
where he served as translator from for
eign languages and as editor of the G. 
H.Q. Press Review for the Italian and 
the Dutch presses.

Interesting Research Work

The year 1921-22 he spent abroad as 
Frederick Sheldon traveling fellow of 
Harvard. In Paris he studied in the Bib
liotheque Nationale. In Italy he consult
ed with Professor Pio Rajna concerning
 studies in the Italian Renaissance, work
ing in Florence at the Biblioteca Nazionale, and in Venice at the Biblioteca Marciana. 

A Discovery of Note

Professor Reinhard has published
 Florismondo, which is an analysis of a
 late Italian imitation of Amadas of Gaul
 by Anton Vincenzio Magnani. The in
complete autograph manuscript from
, which this work was done, Professor 
Reinhard discovered among old books in 
the library at Harvard. He has also
 published Le Roman d'Eledus et Serene, 
 which he edited for the first time from 
the unique manuscript in the Bibliothe
que Nationale. He is now publishing in
 France a text entitled Amadas et Iodine, 
 which is coming out as one of a series
 called Les Classiques Francais du Moyen
 Age, edited by Mario Roques. In addi
tion he has several articles on fold lore, literature and philology now in process of publication.