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John R. G. Gosling
Department of OB/GYN

1926- 1992

John Roderick Gwynne Gosling. M.D. was born in Cleveland, Ohio and entered the University of Michigan as an undergraduate in 1944. He began Medical School in 1946 and received his medical degree in 1950. After three years as intern and resident in Obstetrtics and Gynecology under Dr. Norman F. Miller at Michigan, he served in the military from June 1953 through June 1955 at Fort Monmouth, NJ where he received a letter of commendation from the Surgeon General and was decorated for Meritorious Achievement.

After his military duty, Dr. Gosling returned to the University of Michigan and, following a year in the Department of Pathology, joined the full-time faculty of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology where he rose to the rank of Associate Professor in 1962. Dr. Gosling received many honors and awards during his career at the University, including the Markle Foundation Scholar Award, the University of Michigan Distinguished Service Award, and the prestigious Henry Russell Award. He published important and original works concerning gynecologic malignancy and medical education and held prominent positions in the Medical School. These included duties under Medical School Dean William Hubbard 1964-66 and two tenures as Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Wayne County General Hospital from 1961-64 and 1971-85.

He is remembered professionally for his uncompromising commitment to excellence and his outstanding qualities as an insightful and intelligent teacher. His breadth of vision and wisdom were characteristics that will be remembered by those who knew and worked with him. In recognition of his many contributions, in 1991 a Lectureship in Obstetrics and Gynecology was established in his name by the physicians he had trained.