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Classroom Profile

John Melvin Trytten
The Michigan Alumnus 242

John Melvin Trytten, Ph.D.'43, who
 was promoted to Professor of Education last summer, was Principal of University High School from 1938 until 1955.
 At that time he was reassigned to permit 
him to devote full time to teaching and
 administering the Education School's 
course in secondary business teaching, a 
course he originated in 1931 when he 
joined the faculty. He received the A.B.
 from Luther College, Decorah, Iowa, and 
his other experience included serving as
 Superintendent of Schools at Minnewau
kan, N.D., six years in banking profession,
 two years as Manager of Remington-
Rand's office in Sioux City, and teaching 
at Western Michigan College. He is Past
 President of National Association of Busi
ness Teacher Training Institutions, is a
 member of the Education School's Execu
tive Committee, Kiwanis and other groups.
 His four sons are John M., '40, Grover W. 
'47e, J. Perry, '47, M.B.A '48, and
 Richard W. '56ed.