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John H. Ehlers
The Michigan Alumnus 173-185

John H. Ehlers, who has been with the Uni
versity as an instructor since 1915, has been 
appointed Assistant Professor of Botany. He 
was born in Piqua, Ohio, November 4, 1878. 
In 1899 he obtained his A.B. degree from the
 University, completing the requirements for his 
Ph.D. in 1914.

Professor Ehlers was Principal
 of the High School at Union City, Michigan,
 1900 to 1901, then becoming principal of the
 High School at Holland, Michigan, where he 
remained three years.

From 1004 to 1908 he
 was superintendent of schools at Mt. Sterling,
 Illinois. In 1914 Professor Ehlers became in
structor in botany at the Texas H. & M. Col
lege, leaving in 1915 to become an instructor 
in the University of Michigan.

He has pub
lished an article on "The Temperature of 
Leaves of Pinus in Winter." On August 23, 
1919, he married Lois Ellett Smith.