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John C. Drach
Regents' Proceedings 13

John C. Drach, Ph.D., professor of dentistry in the School of Dentistry and professor of medicinal chemistry in the College of Pharmacy, will retire from active faculty status on August 31, 2008.

Professor Drach received his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Cincinnati in 1961, 1963 and 1966, respectively. From 1966-70 he was a research biochemist at Parke Davis Laboratories. He joined the School of Dentistry faculty as an assistant professor in 1970 and was promoted to associate professor in 1974. In 1978, he was also appointed associate professor of medicinal chemistry in the College of Pharmacy. He was promoted to professor of dentistry and professor of medicinal chemistry in 1980.

Professor Drach's research focuses on the discovery, mode of action, and metabolism of antiviral drugs. The overall objective of his research group's work was to identify new compounds that have the potential to become useful antiviral drugs and to investigate how promising compounds act at the cellular, molecular, and biochemical level. His most current work seeks to understand the molecular basis for the activity of new compounds against HCMV and HIV. His work has earned him numerous awards and honors, including being named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 2002. Professor Drach's research, which has been continuously funded since 1970, has led to over 50 patents. He has published one textbook, more than 200 papers and articles, and over 200 presentations and abstracts.

From 1985-95, Professor Drach served first as interim chair and then as chair of the Department of Biologic and Materials Sciences in the School of Dentistry. He also served on numerous committees within the School and throughout the University. He is a member of a number of professional associations, including the American Association of Dental Schools, which he chaired from 1990-91, and the International Society for Antiviral Research, where he served as president from 2002-04.

The Regents now salute this distinguished faculty member by naming John C. Drach professor emeritus of dentistry and professor emeritus of medicinal chemistry.