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Jessie Lou Turner Sparks
School of Nursing

Jessie Lou Turner Sparks, M.A., R.N., Associate Professor of Nursing

B.S.N., Harris College of Nursing, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas, about 1948; M.A., Columbia University, about 1950.

Director of nursing, Menninger Institute, Topeka, Kansas; director, Mental Health Program, Harris College of Nursing, Texas Christian University; assistant professor of nursing, University of Michigan School of Nursing, 1961-1963; assistant professor of nursing, Texas Christian University, 1964-1965; assistant professor of nursing, University of Michigan School of Nursing 1965-1966, associate professor of nursing 1966-1967, University of Michigan School of Nursing.

In 1960 Jessie Lou Turner was married to Claud Glenn Sparks at the chapel of Texas Christian University, where they were both on faculty. The Sparks came to Ann Arbor in 1965 for Claud to complete work on his doctor of philosophy in library science, which was awarded in 1967. Subsequently, the Sparks relocated to Austin, Texas, and joined the faculty of University of Texas. Claud Glenn was a professor and dean of the School of Library and Information Science and Jessie Lou, or J. Lou, was a lecturer in the School of Nursing. Jessie Lou Turner Sparks died in 2013 at Fort Worth, Texas at age 92.