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Jawaid W. Rasul
BioMedward, Inc

In memory of our friend and colleague

Jawaid Rasul (Ph.D.) had over thirty years of experience in mathematical modeling applied to statistical physics. At BioMedware, he applied his background in theoretical condensed matter physics to develop state of the art predictive and explanatory statistical models such as multilevel regression and spatial regression with the geographical visualization capabilities of the SpaceStat software system.

Dr. Rasul developed ecological models of college drinking that use compartmental modeling to describe college student drinking across a variety of college campuses, with the ultimate objective of evaluating interventions designed to reduce problem and heavy episodic drinking. His research examined the consequences of adopting the policies suggested by the Amethyst initiative regarding the lowering of the drinking age. The Amethyst initative suggests lowering the drinking age will decrease problem drinking, Dr. Rasul's research demonstrated this is seldom if ever true, and may, in fact, lead to increased problem drinking. Dr. Rasul's collaborators included Dr. Geoffrey Jacquez and Robert Rommel (BioMedWare), Dr. Azmy Ackleh (University of Louisiana at Lafayette), Dr. Ben FitzPatrick (Loyola Marymount), and Dr. Neal Simonsen and Dr. Richard Scribner (Louisiana State University).

Dr. Rasul died on May 22, 2011 at the age of 57.