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James Victor Griesen
School of Nursing

James Victor Griesen, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education, Associate Professor of Postgraduate Medicine and Health Professions Education, and Professor of Educational Resources, Nursing

B.S., Ohio State University, 1963; M.B.A., Ohio State University, 1968; Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1971.

Assistant Director, Orientation and Testing Center, Ohio State University, 1963-1966; Educational Systems Analyst, Ohio State University, College of Medicine, Systems Research Department, 1966-1969; Instructor, School of Allied Medical Professions, Ohio State University, 1968-1971; Associate Project Director, “Computer-Assisted independent Study: A Pilot Program,” NIH Research Grant, 1969-1971; Director, Division of Research and Evaluation in Medical Education, College of Medicine, Ohio State University, 1970-1971; Director of Medical Education, Ohio State University until 1973.

Griesen’s doctoral dissertation was called “Independent Study Versus Group Instruction in Medical Education: A Study of Non-cognitive Factors Relating to Curricular Preferences and Academic Achievement” (Ohio State University, 1971).

At University of Michigan: Assistant Professor of Postgraduate Medicine and of Health Professions Education (School of Education), November 1, 1973; Assistant Professor of Postgraduate Medicine and Health Professions Education and Education and Director of the Office of Educational Resources, also appointed Professor of Educational Resources, School of Nursing, November 1, 1974; Associate Professor of Education and Associate Professor of Postgraduate Medicine and Health Professions Education, May 1975.

At University of Michigan Medical Center, Griesen served as director of the Office of Educational Resources and Research. For five weeks in early 1976 Griesen served as a consultant on medical education to the government of Poland.

In 1977 Griesen left the University of Michigan to join the administration of University of Nebraska Medical Center as its first vice chancellor. The announcement was made by Chancellor Dr. Neal A. Vanselow, former professor of postgraduate medicine and health professions education at University of Michigan (Sioux City Journal, 12 Oct 1977). Dr. Griesen was named Professor Emeritus and Vice Chancellor Emeritus by the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, in 2014.