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James Henry Brewster
The Michigan Alumnus 81-82

James Henry Brewster, 1856-1920
, Ph. D., LL.B. former professor in the Michigan Law
 School, died in Denver, Colorado, Octo
ber 7.

Professor Brewster was born in 
New Haven, Conn., April 5, 1856, and
 was graduated from Yale University in
 1877, where he also took his LL.B. in
 1879. He was admitted to the New
 York bar in 1881, and to the Michigan 
bar in 1883.

In 1897 he became professor 
of the Law of Conveyancing in the Mich
igan Law School. During his time at
 Michigan Professor Brewster wrote a 
book, several articles, and did other
 special work, as well as acting as editor 
of the Law Review.

On account of poor
 health Professor Brewster left for the
 West in 1910, where he practiced law in
 Colorado for several years until he felt
 strong enough to assume a proffered posi
tion as professor in the University of 
Colorado law school. After a year there, 
be engaged in private practice in Denver 
until his death.

Professor Brewster
 was a member of the American Academy 
of Political and Social Science, American
 Peace Society, and the Delta Psi fraternity.