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James Gerrit Van Zwaluwenburg
The Michigan Alumnus 524

The Death of Dr. J. G. Van Zwaluwenburg

The recent death of Dr. James Gerritt
 Van Zwaluwenburg, Professor of Roent
genology, takes from the University one
 of its leading medical men.

Dr. Van 
Zwaluwenburg graduated from the Lit
erary College in 1898 and from the Med
ical School in 1908. At the University
 Hospital he was for some time a worker
 in internal medicine; but as he went up 
through the various promotions, he like-
wise developed in his chosen field of 
roentgenology, until he became nationally known as an indefatigable and sci
entific worker.

He built up the depart
ment of Roentgenology at Michigan from
 an insignificant beginning and made it
 one of the leading departments of its 
kind in the country. In their formal res
olution, the Board of Regents say of 
him: Always a loyal alumnus of the 
University, a graduate of two of its de
partments, and a teacher of merit, Dr.
 Van Zwaluwenburg's untimely death con
stitutes a loss to the University from
 many sides