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James Donald Prendergast
Regents' Proceedings 1010

James D. Prendergast, Professor of Art, has retired from the Retirement faculty of the College of Architecture and Design and is eligible for emeritus appointment.

A native of Chicago, he graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1930. He then received a postgraduate scholarship and traveling fellowship from the Institute that enabled his further development as an artist. He continued his studies at the University of Chicago, 1935-37, and the University of California at Los Angeles, 1938, which qualified him for his B.F.A. degree, which was awarded in 1938 by the Art Institute of Chicago.

He served as an instructor at the University of Southern California from 1937-40, and at the New Orleans Arts and Crafts School from 1940-42. He was then named Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Arizona where he remained until 1944.

After serving as a visiting professor at the University in 1944-45, he was appointed Assistant Professor of Drawing and Painting. He was promoted to Associate Professor in 1948, and was named full Professor in 1960.

Professor Prendergast brought to his work as a teacher a very personal, philosophical approach, which engendered great enthusiasm in his students. He has been particularly sensitive to the need for special courses in art for the general university student.

His professional shows and contributions to exhibitions have been well received nationally, and his work is included in many distinguished collections throughout the country.

The Regents extend their warm gratitude to this dedicated artist and teacher for his service to the University for nearly thirty years as they confer on him the title Professor Emeritus of Art.