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Retires as Dean

James Bartlett Edmonson
The Michigan Alumnus 259

 Retires from Deanship he has held almost quarter of a century.

Retiring Dean Edmonson was born
 in Iowa in 1882. He graduated from
 the University in 1906 and received a 
Master of Arts degree in 1910. He 
received his Doctor of Philosophy 
degree from the University of Chicago 
in 1925. After serving as a high school 
principal in several Michigan cities, 
including Hillsdale, Benton Harbor,
 and Jackson, he was appointed Inspec
tor of High Schools for the University
 in 1914.

From 1925 to 1931 Dean Edmonson 
served as Secretary of the North Cen
tral Association of Colleges and Sec
ondary Schools, and in 1931-32 he was
 President of that Association. Last 
July he was appointed Chairman of 
the Committee on Intercollegiate and

Interscholastic Athletics of the same 
 For eight years Dean Edmonson was 
a member of the Educational Policies 
Commission of the National Education
 Association. He has also served on the 
Executive Committee of the American
 Council on Education, as well as on
 several other important national committees. 
 Dean Edmonson is on several edi
torial boards of educational publica
tions and is the senior author of a
 number of textbooks in citizenship as 
well as of a college text entitled
 Administration of the Modern Second
ary School. He has also contributed
 to several other books and mono