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Dean of Education

James Bartlett Edmonson
The Michigan Alumnus 335

Professor J. B. Edmonson, New Dean of Education

Professor James Bartlett 
Edmonson, Inspector of High
 Schools and Professor of Second
ary Education since 1914, was 
made Dean of the School of Edu
cation at the meeting of the Regents held last Monday night. 
 Professor Edmonson's appointment comes as no surprise to those
 who are familiar with his work in 
educational circles in the state. 
 The same is true, in fact, as re
gards his activities in a larger field 
for he is chairman of the National 
Committee on Research in Second
ary Education as well as Secretary
 of the North Central Association
 of Colleges and Secondary 

Following the retirement of 
Dean A. S. Whitney over a year 
ago and the final failure of Pres
ident Henry Thomas Moore of
 Skidmore College to accept the 
position as Dean of Michigan's 
School of Education, an executive
 committee of three was appointed
 to manage the affairs of the School 
in the interim. Of this committee Professor Edmon
son was chairman and it is only a natural development 
that he should succeed to the vacant position in this 
important University division. 

Dean Edmonson was born in Parkersburg, Iowa, on 
December 28, 1882, and was graduated from the high 
school in Dewitt, Iowa, in 1901. He received his
 Bachelor's Degree from the University in 1906, his A. 
M. in 1910, and his Ph. D. from the University of Chicago in 1925. He was married to Bess Chase of Cedar
 Falls, Iowa, in 1914, and is the father of two children, 
 Jane Elizabeth and Donald Chase.

Shortly after his graduation 
from the University he became 
principal of the high school in 
Hillsdale, Michigan, where he remained until 1909. A year later
 he became principal of the high
 school in Benton Harbor, going 
from there to Jackson, where he
 was serving in a similar position
 when he was called to the University in 1914 as Inspector of High
 Schools and Professor of Second
ary Education. 

In addition to the professional positions already men
tioned. Dean Edmonson is a mem
ber of the State and National
 Committee of Professional Ethics, 
 and the State Committee on the
 High School Course of Study. He
 is also Secretary of the Univer
sity Committee on Diploma 
Schools, and is ex-president of the
 State Pension Board for Teachers. 
 He is also a member of the Na
tional Education Association and 
other state and national educational organizations. 
 In addition to numerous articles on educational subjects in various publications, he is the author of "Prob
lems in Secondary Education," 1923, "Problems in 
School Administration" (with E. E. Lewis), 1923, 
 "Problems of the High School" (with R. Schorling), 
 1924, "Problems of the Teaching Staff" (with Guy M. 
 Whipple), 1924, "Constitutional and Legal Basis of 
Public Education in Michigan," 1925. He is also associate editor of the High School Quarterly and the
 Michigan Teachers Journal.