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Jacques C. Brownson
The Michigan Alumnus 14

 Chairman Named

Jacques C. Brownson, Chicago 
architect, has been named professor
 and chairman of the architecture de
partment of The University of Mich

He has been design chief for C. F.
 Murphy Associates, Chicago. In that 
position he was responsible for the
 design of the Continental Building
($18,000,000), the Hektoen Institute 
for Medical Research ($7,500,000)
 and most recently for the design and 
direction of the $76,000,000 Chicago 
Civic Center.

Born Aug. 3, 1923, in Aurora, 111.
he was graduated from high school 
there in 1941. He entered Illinois 
Institute of Technology in 1941 and
 was in military service with the U.S. 
Corps of Engineers in China, Burma 
and India from 1943-46. He was 
granted a B.S. in architecture from 
IIT in 1948 and an M.S. in architec
ture there in 1954.

From 1948-59 he was a member of 
the IIT faculty. During that time he
 conducted a private practice, and his 
own house, which he designed and 
built in 1950, was selected for publi
cation in "Architectural Record" as
 a Record House in 1956. In 1959 he
 joined C. F. Murphy Associates.

Brownson replaces Prof. Walter 
Sanders, chairman for 10 years, who 
has asked to be relieved of adminis
trative responsibility to devote him
self to teaching and professional