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Jackson R. Sharman
The Michigan Alumnus 703

Jackson R. Sharman

To take the place left vacant by the
 resignation of Professor E. E. "Tad" 
Wieman, the University has secured
 Jackson R. Sharman from Alabama. He 
will take over his new duties with the 
beginning of the fall term.

He comes to Michigan as Associate
 Professor of Physical Education and Adviser to men students majoring in Physi
cal Education. His position is in the
 School of Education of which James B. 
Edmonson is Dean. In telling of the new 
member of the faculty, Dean Edmonson 
said, "Dr. Sharman was recommended
 after a careful canvass of a large num
ber of available candidates. He is one of 
the outstanding men in the field of phys
ical education and has already established 
a national reputation. He is chairman of 
the sub-committee on children's recrea
tions of the White House Committee on 
Child Welfare, which was recently created by President Hoover. Dr. Sharman
 is well and favorably known by Mr.
 Yost, Mr. Elmer Mitchell and other 
members of the present staff in physical 

At the present time the new Michigan 
State Director of Physical Education for the
faculty member is 
State of Alabama,
 with his offices at Montgomery. He holds
 a B.S. degree from the University of
 Mississippi where he made a great athletic record, and a Master's and a Doc
tor's degree from Teachers College of 
Columbia University.

The Department of Physical Educa
tion at Michigan has grown to such proportions that the need for some man to 
devote his whole time to its direction was 
felt a year ago when Wieman was appointed. He came to the department di
rectly from the athletic staff and therefore established the close liaison which
 was desirable. As Dean Edmonson 
states, both Mr. Yost and Mr. Mitchell 
were consulted during the search for
 Wieman's successor and Dr. Sharman's
 appointment is enthusiastically approved 
by them.

Wieman leaves the University of 
Michigan at the close of the present sum
mer session. He will remove to Grand
 Rapids where he will assume the district 
managership of an insurance agency.
 During the fall he will be Head Line 
Coach for the University of Minnesota 
football team and as such will accompany the Gophers when 
they invade the stadium on November 15.