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Classroom Profile

Isadore Lampe
The Michigan Alumnus 110

ISADORE LAMPE, Ph.D. '38, who was 
promoted to Professor of Roentgenol
ogy in the University's Medical School
 in July, has been a member of the
 faculty since 1932, when he was ap
pointed as an Instructor. He is inter
ested chiefly in therapeutic radiol
ogy and has published numerous
 articles in that field.

In 1936, he 
spent about two months doing biolog
ical research with neutrons generated 
by the cyclotron at the Professor E. O.
 Lawrence Laboratory at the Univer
sity of California at Berkeley. Dr. 
Lampe was born in London, England,
 November 16, 1906, and came to the 
United States as an infant. After 
graduating from Central High school 
in Cleveland, Ohio, he attended Adel
bert College at Western Reserve,
 earning the A.B. degree in 1927. He
 received his M.D. degree from Western
 Reserve's School of Medicine four
 years later, and then spent the year 
1931-32 as an interne at St. Vincent's
 Hospital in Toledo.

Dr. Lampe is
 currently serving as Secretary of the
 Cancer Committee of University Hos
pital, and he is a member of the
 American Medical Association, Amer
ican Roentgen Ray Society, a certified
 member of the American Board of 
Radiology, and a member of Phi Beta
 Kappa, Sigma Xi and Alpha Omega
 Alpha, the latter being an honorary 
scholastic medical organization.

In his 
spare time, Dr. Lampe enjoys the 
hobby of photography. He is mar
ried to the former Rae Ethel White, an 
alumna of the University of Toronto,
 and they have a four-year-old son,
 William Howard Lampe.