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Irving Howard Anderson
Regent's Proceedings 1265

Irving Howard Anderson, Professor of Education, has formally retired from the active faculty, by special dispensation, at the age of sixty-three.

A native of Portland, Oregon, Professor Anderson earned bachelor and master's degrees from the University of Oregon, and then proceeded to earn a doctorate from the State University of Iowa in 1935. He joined the Michigan faculty in 1939, having taught at Harvard in the interim, and here, except for a wartime period when he was selecting and training radar operators, he has remained ever since. His full professorship dates from 1947.

Professor Anderson, who is an authority on the capacities and skills of reading, has been in regular local and state wide demand for concrete services and has also carried out nationally significant research. In his own school, he was a member of principal committees directed specific programs and projects, and presided for a time over graduate studies generally. He served, as well, on the Executive Board of the Graduate School and the University Committee on Student Affairs. In professional circles, he was a fellow and Committeeman of the American Psychological Association, a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and an active member of agencies concerned with reading and visual education.

The Regents of the University, appointing him now Professor Emeritus of Education, tender him their deep gratitude for his able offices and for the spirit of willing service which informed them. They join his colleagues now in inviting him to retain his personal and professional contacts within the University as he exercises the privileges of emeritus rank.