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Herbert F. Goodrich
The Michigan Alumnus 485


We found Professor Herbert F. Goodrich, who this school year 
became a member of the Law Faculty, 
 sitting in a library stacked high with legal
 tomes. He had his pipe with him. His
 smile of welcome broadened when he learned that we had come to rake over the ashes of his past for live coals. 
 "Rake on," he said. 

When asked for his criminal record, 
 he explained patiently that his work in 
the law had been and is in the subjects, 
 conflicts of laws, torts and agency. Nevertheless, under cross-examination, he admitted that he has practiced law, has
 done consultation work, and was once 
upon a time a registered pharmacist. This 
last distinction he gained early in life; 
 for in 1911, at the age of twenty-two, he
 graduated from Carleton College, and in
 1914 he took the degree of LL. B. at the 
Harvard Law School.

From 1914 to
 1922 he was a member of the law faculty 
at the State University of Iowa, where
 he rose steadily from instructor to acting
 dean. From 1914 to 1921 he was also 
editor of the Iowa Law Bulletin. And 
during these same years he contributed
 articles steadily to the Iowa Law Bulletin, 
 the Michigan Law Review, the Yale Law 
Journal, the Harvard Law Review, the 
Cornell Law Quarterly, etc. Certainly it
 was before 1911 he became a pharmacist.

In 1916 Professor Goodrich was married to Edith Eastman, of Iowa City. 
They have two children,—Elizabeth and 
Charlotte Anne.