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Henry Moore Bates
History of the University of Michigan 317

Henry Moore Bates was born in Chicago, Illinois, March 30, 1869, son of George Chapman and Alice Emily (Moore) Bates. His ancestry is entirely English on the paternal side; on the mother's side it is English with a strain of Scotch-Irish. Both families settled in New England in the seventeenth century.

His early education was received at Park Institute, Chicago, and at the Chicago High School. At seventeen he entered the University of Michigan, and was graduated Bachelor of Philosophy in 1890. He then studied law at Northwestern University, where he received the degree of Bachelor of Laws in 1892.

He was law clerk for the firm of Williams, Holt, and Wheeler 1890-1892; and after a year with the firm of Norton, Burley, and Howell, and another year as librarian of the Chicago Law Institute, he practiced his profession in Chicago from 1895 to 1903, being in partnership during the last five years of that time with John Maynard Harlan.

Since October 1903, he has held the Tappan Professor of Law at the University of Michigan.

He was married September 4, 1894, to Clara Anne Belfield, of Chicago, and they have one child, Helen Belfield.