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Henry Kraemer
The Michigan Alumnus 76-80

Henry Kraemer, who has been appointed Dean of the College of 
Pharmacy at the University to succeed the late Julius O. Schlotterbeck, '87p, 
 '91, was born at Philadelphia, Pa., July 22, 1868.

He received his university 
training at Girard College, Philadelphia, the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy where he received the degrees of Ph.G. and Ph.M., and the Columbia 
University School of Mines where he received the degree of Ph.B. He
 took his Ph.D. at the University of Marburg, Germany.

During the year
 1890-1891, he was Instructor in the New York College of Pharmacy. From
 1895 to 1897, he was Professor of Pharmacy in Northwestern University, 
 becoming Professor of Botany and Pharmacognosy at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy in 1897. This position he left to come to the University of 

Professor Kraemer has written seven textbooks on Botany and Pharmacognosy, some 150 scientific articles and addresses. His two latest 
books are: "Applied and Economic Botany," and "Scientific and Applied
 Pharmacognosy." He is also one of the editors of the United States Dis
pensatory, and for the past nineteen years he has been editor of the Ameri
can Journal of Pharmacy. 

In the year 1894, Professor Kraemer was married to Miss Dosia E. 
 Rich, of Ashville, North Carolina. They have one daughter.

Among other 
activities, Professor Kraemer has been a member of the Committee on Re
vision of the United States Pharmacopoeia, Chairman of the Executive
 Committee on Botany and Pharmacognosy since 1900, a member of the 
Council on Chemistry and Pharmacy of the American Medical Association, 
 and is President of the American Conference of Pharmaceutical Faculties 
for the current year 1917-1918.