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Henri Theodore Antoine de Leng Hus
The Michigan Alumnus 65-77

Henri Theodore Antoine de Leng Hus was born at Leyden, Holland, 
May 14, 1876.

After receiving his early education in the secondary schools 
of Holland, Germany, and England, he came to America, and entered the
 University of California, where he was graduated with the degree of B.S. in 
1897, receiving his Master's degree two years later. After two years'
 pursuit of graduate study at California, he returned to Europe, and entered 
the University of Amsterdam, where he became First Assistant in the 
Laboratory for Plant Physiology, a position which he held for two years, 
 until 1903.

He then returned to the University of California, where he 
pursued further graduate studies, and became Assistant in Botany.

In 1905 
he became Experimenter in the Missouri Botanical Garden, Washington
 University, St. Louis, where he also took up further graduate study, leading 
to the degree of Ph.D. in 1908. The same year he was appointed instructor 
in Botany at the University of Michigan, a position, which he held until his
 recent appointment to an Assistant Professorship.

Professor Hus is the 
author of some thirty articles in the leading botanical journals. Of these 
the principal are: 

1. An account of the species of Porphyra of the Pacific Coast of North
 America. Proc. Calif. Acad. Sc.; Botany, 3d Ser., Vol.

2, No. 6, 1902. 
2. Fasciations of known causation. Amer. Nat., Vol. 42, 1908. 

3. An ecological cross section of the Mississippi River in the Region of 
St. Louis, Mo. Annual Rep. Mo. Bot. Garden, Vol. 19, 1908.

Besides these, various translations from the works of Professor Hugo
de Vries, and, in co-operation with H. S. Conrad, a book entitled "Water-
lilies," Doubleday, Page & Co., 1907.

As a result of the influence exerted
 by Professor de Vries of Amsterdam, Mr. Hus, since 1903, has devoted 
his entire energy to research in genetics.

Professor Hus was married August 30, 1905, at St. Louis, to Miss Florence Harriet Thiell.