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Intermediate School Named In His Honor

Harry Burns Hutchins
The Michigan Alumnus 141

Detroit Intermediate School Named in Honor of President Emeritus Harry Hutchins

Detorit has just dedicated her new 
intermediate school at 8820 Wilson
 Avenue, as the Hutchins Intermediate
 School, in honor of the president emeritus
 of the University. The formal dedication, 
 held on October 21, was attended by representatives of the University and the 
Detroit Board of Education and was 
marked by the presentation of a por
trait of Dr. Hutchins by the University
 of Michigan Club of Detroit. Frank 
Cody, superintendent of Detroit schools, 
 welcomed the delegation from the University, which included Dean Henry M. 
 Bates of the Law School, Associate
 Dean G. W. Patterson of the Engineering 
College, and Professors F. W. Kelsey, 
 R. M. Wenley and J. L. Markley. 

The presentation of the portrait was
 made by Harold Emmons, and was ac
cepted by Samuel C. Mumford, member
 of the board of education.

"In dedicating this school to Dr. Harry 
Burns Hutchins," said Mr. Mumford, "we are 
not only honoring a man who deserves all 
the honor we can give him, but we are com
memorating the great service this man, through 
his work as President of the University of 
Michigan, did for education in the state. We
 have tried to embody his hopes and ideals for 
a broader and more accessible education for 
everyone, in this building, and have, in nam
ing it for him and in placing his portrait on 
its walls, endeavored to inspire the pupils who will study here to something of his nobleness of character and bigness of mind."