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Harold Wiufred Held
Regents' Proceedings 15

Harold Wilfred Held, who has taught continuously at the Dental School since 1938, has attained the age of seventy and retired from the active faculty.

Born and schooled in Fremont, Ohio, Dr. Held attended Bowling Green State College and was graduated from Western Michigan College. For eight subsequent years, he taught industrial arts in the Ann Arbor Public Schools and concurrently attended Columbia University, where he earned a Master of Arts degree. Then, in 1934, he enrolled in the Michigan Dental School, was graduated in course in 1937, and set up a private practice in Ann Arbor. In the next year he began to assist in the Dental Clinic. Appointed an instructor in the year after that, he rose through the several ranks to a professorship in 1963. During the Second World War and the enrollment bulge, which followed, he lent timely aid in the Health Service.

Over the year, Dr. Held taught basic technics, dental anatomy, and other subjects to dental students and also to hygienists, for whom he prepared text materials in anatomy. Being at once genial and efficient, he further presided capably and tactfully over systems of arrangement and recordkeeping at the Dental Clinic-patients, students, and staff all profiting from his conscientious management and courteous consultation. It was characteristic of him that he further devoted much time and concern to civic and charitable good works in the town.

His peers and many generations of students remember him with affectionate gratitude. The Regents of the University, too, thank this warmly endeared man for his long devotion and invite him to retain his University contacts as Professor Emeritus of Dentistry, a title herewith conferred.