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Letter mourning death

Harley Harris Bartlett
Regents' Proceedings 1208

The Secretary presented a letter from Dr. Jose Vera Santos, head of the Department of Botany of the College of Liberal Arts of the University of the Philippines, to Professor Kenneth L. Jones, Chairman of the Department of Botany of The University of Michigan, mourning the death on February 21, 1960, at the age of seventy-three, of Harley Harris Bartlett, Professor Emeritus of Botany at The University of Michigan. A formal resolution from the Department of Botany of the University of the Philippines was enclosed. It was ordered that the letter and the resolution be made a part of these minutes, and that proper acknowledgment be made to Dr. Santos.

March 2, 1960

Dr. K. Jones
Chairman, Department of Botany
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A.

We never felt so orphan until we heard the passing of Uncle Harley. On the day that the letter, with the sad news, was received, we had a Botany Seminar on the same afternoon. I took the liberty to make the official announcement and we had a one minute prayer for Uncle Harley at the beginning of the seminar. On the same occasion I took the privilege to cite his work in Philippine Botany, including the extent of his field trips throughout the Philippines. I mentioned his personal interest in the academic improvement of the faculty of our Department, especially the realization of fellowships for advance studies among the members of our staff like Velasquez, Marasigan and Santos. His effort to raise research grants for botanical investigations in the Philippines is just a part of his memorial among his students in the Philippines.
We are fortunate to have a recent picture of Uncle Harley, which he gave as a present to Greg in their last visit at Ann Arbor. We are reproducing it for the Philippine National Research Council and other scientific organizations, which requested for copies. I just wonder if it will be convenient for you to furnish me with the biographical data of Uncle Harley together with the bibliography of his numerous publications. I will greatly appreciate if this material will be available for an obituary, which is now in preparation. We share with you in your condolence and prayers for Uncle Harley. With my best wishes to you, the members of your faculty, and of course to your family, I am

Very sincerely yours,

WHEREAS, The Faculty of the Department of Botany, University of the Philippines, learned with profound regret the passing on February 21, 1960, at the age of 73, of Harley Harris Bartlett, Emeritus Professor of Botany at the University of Michigan;
WHEREAS, Professor Bartlett, as a friend who visited the Department of Botany at least four times, once as an Exchange Professor for one year, occupying a chair on our faculty as a model adviser and scholar in the field of botany;
WHEREAS, As a University Professor and Educational Consultant, Professor Bartlett contributed to the planning and organization of the Graduate School of the University of the Philippines before the war, and served as Educational Adviser to President B. I. Gonzalez in the early post-war years; and
WHEREAS, As a scientist of world renown in particular, he was greatly responsible for the promotion of research in the field of botany utilizing his remarkable experience in extensive and intensive plant collections in the Philippines, and made patent in his various writings on ecology, phytochemistry, genetics, taxonomy, paleobotany and ethnobotany; Be It Resolved, By the Faculty in the Department of Botany, in solemn conclave assembled, that we pay the highest tribute to our beloved Professor Bartlett, who gave us the highest inspiration in our work in the field of botany; and
Be It Further Resolved, That we append our names to this resolution and send copies of it to Professor Bartlett's surviving sister and nieces and to the University of Michigan.