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Hanns Pick
Regents' Proceedings 1245

Hanns Pick, a native of Rorschach (Kt., St. Gallen), Switzerland, joined the university faculty in 1927 as a part-time instructor in musical theory and chamber music. Two years later he became Professor of Violoncello.

Before becoming a teaching member of the School of Music, Professor Pick had been Instructor of Cello and Piano at the School of Music of the Philharmonic Society in Lublijana (Yugoslavia) and at the Municipal School of Music in Aschaffenburg (Germany). From 1914 to 1925 he was Director of the Musikschule at St. Gallen (Switzerland).

During these years he appeared throughout Europe as concert soloist. In 1925 he was appointed first solo cellist of the Philadelphia Orchestra by Dr. Leopold Stokowski.

His twenty-six years of service to the University include, besides his teaching, solo and ensemble concerts, direction of weekly radio broadcasts by the School of Music, and the manufacturing of recordings for the School of Music archives. His skill in this last activity marked Professor Pick as an expert.

The Regents of the University of Michigan now extend to him their felicitations upon his attaining his seventieth birthday on September 27, 1953, and upon becoming eligible for retirement under our Bylaws. They confer upon him the title of Professor Emeritus of Violoncello and invite him to avail himself of all the courtesies customarily shown to emeritus members of the faculty.