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Glenn Gunnette Mastin
Regents' Proceedings 782

GLENN G. MASTIN, Professor of Architecture, retires from his duties Retirement effective May 31, 1977.

For thirty years Professor Mastin has been a mainstay of the faculty in the technology of architecture. Although he has taught all the technical subjects, his major contribution has been in structural design theory. Professor Mastin spent much time in the design studio as a "consultant" to the students on structural and mechanical problems. His long experience as a structural designer and consultant were valuable assets in helping the student maintain a balance between the practical and the fanciful in his design problem.

Few faculty have been as unselfish in service to the community. As a volunteer in the American Red Cross, Professor Mastin served many years as an instructor and member of the Disaster Action Team, and in recent years he chaired the Disaster Survey Committee. For two decades he taught courses in fallout analysis and protection for the Office of Civil Defense. A talented vocalist, he has served more than two decades as a member of the Choral Union and the First Methodist Church Choir.

The Regents salute this devoted and respected teacher for his many contributions to the life of the University and the community by naming him Professor Emeritus of Architecture.