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Recognized As National Authority On Orthodontia

George R. Moore
The Michigan Alumnus 91

A side from maintaining a private practice, serving as Edi
tor of the Orthodontic section of the
 Yearbook of Dentistry, and participating in numerous organizations, 
George R. Moore, '23d, M.S. '24, is 
a Professor of Dentistry and Research Associate in the University 
Elementary School. He has served
 on the faculty ever since receiving
 his Master's degree, when he re
mained as an Instructor. In 1928, 
Dr. Moore was advanced to Assist
ant Professor, became Associate 
Professor in 1935, and Professor 
two years later.

Born at Gibson
burg, Ohio, December 24, 1899, he 
received his early education in Ohio 
public schools, graduating from Ot
tawa High with honors in 1918. He 
went to Denison University and 
was in the S.A.T.C. (Infantry) un
til its disbandment four months 
later. Two years after graduating 
from the University of Michigan, 
 Dr. Moore married Emily Lucile 
Gould, then a teacher in the Cleveland Public Schools. They have 
three children, Thomas, 17, Pris
cilla, 12, and Penelope, 2.

the professional organizations to
 which Dr. Moore belongs are the
 American College of Dentists, the 
Michigan State Dental Society, 
American Dental Association, Wash
tenaw District Dental Society, 
 American Society of Orthodontists, 
 Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists, International Association 
for Dental Research, Detroit Dental
 Clinic Club, and others. He is also
 a member of the Culver Father's
 Association, the University of Mich
igan Club of Ann Arbor, the University Junior Research Club, and 
other local organizations. In 1938, 
 Dr. Moore was Chairman of the 
Orthodontic section of the American Dental Association; he was on 
the Executive Committee of the 
Dental School from 1939-42; and 
holds the certificate of the American
 Board of Orthodontics. He has contributed many articles to the litera
ture of orthodontics dealing for the 
most part with the results of his researches on heredity in relation to 
facial development and various 
phases of the treatment of dental
 and facial irregularities. Among his
 most cherished possessions is a key 
presented to Dr. Moore by fellow 
fishermen in Georgia, who conferred
 upon him what they termed a
 "Ph.D. in Fishing." Another of his 
hobbies besides deep-sea fishing is