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Like "Modern" But Not Modernistic

George McDonald McConkey
The Michigan Alumnus 103

He Likes "Modern" But Not 

GEORGE M. McCONKEY, knows that imagination is necessary
 to an architect but he believes that more than half the fun is
 to be found in construction. Supervision and expedition right on 
the job are the phases of his profession which interest him most.

When he entered Michigan he had studied a year at Wittenberg 
College in Ohio—his native state. There were six years of professional experience on the outside and three years of teaching—as an 
Instructor in Michigan's College of Engineering and Architecture—
to his credit, even before he received his degree, with the Class of

"Modernistic" as applied to architecture is a term he smiles 
at, but ''modern"—there is an adjective he likes. We shall never 
have to live in standardized homes, he is sure, but believes simplicity
 of construction and a wiser use of materials will come out of such 

Professor McConkey has a workshop at home where
 he builds models to illustrate new ideas in construction. He built 
the trailer, complete with sleeping and dining compartments, which
 went along when he drove with his family to Yellowstone Park last