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George McDonald McConkey
The Michigan Alumnus 78-83

George McDonald McConkey, Assistant Professor of Architecture, 
was born August 16, 1886.

He was graduated from the University of
 Michigan in 1914, with the degree of Bachelor of Architectural Engineer
ing. From 1902 to 1905, Professor McConkey was employed in an archi
tect's office during the summer vacations, afternoons and Saturdays, in
 Springfield, Ohio, and during his period of work with the Detroit River
 Tunnel Co., he studied under private instruction. He also took Freehand 
Drawing at the Detroit Art School. During 1905, he was field man and 
draftsman with the C. C. C. & St. L. Ry., Cincinnati Division.

For the
 next four years he was an engineering draftsman with the Detroit River
 Tunnel Co., Detroit, Mich., and the year 1909-10 he was a student in 
Architectural Engineering at the University. The year 1910-11 he spent 
as structural designer in several architect's offices, and in 1911 he became
 instructor in Architecture at the University in courses in Mechanics and
 Building Construction, the position he held until his promotion to the assist
ant professorship. Professor McConkey was married four years ago to Miss Eleanor E. 
 Eberle. They have a daughter, six months old.