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George A. May
Regent's Proceedings 35

George Augustus May, Associate Professor of Physical Education and Director of Waterman Gymnasium, having reached the age of 70 years on July 8, 1942, is relinquishing his active teaching and administrative duties at the University of Michigan after forty-one years of valuable service to the institution and its students.

A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dr. May came to Michigan as Instructor and Physical Examiner in Waterman Gymnasium in 1901, shortly after he had received the degree Doctor of Medicine from Yale University. Since that time his has been a record of enthusiastic devotion to his professional duties, of sustained loyalty to this University, of patient and sympathetic interest in the welfare of the hosts of students who have had the benefit of his instruction and guidance, and of the maintenance of standards of life and character which have gained him many friendships and universal respect. His work in his department, whether for the physical conditioning of large groups or the special training of individuals, has been of a high order; and he has participated in the activities of the numerous associations, which deal with the subject of his profession.

In view of Dr. May's noteworthy service over an unusually long period, the Regents of the University of Michigan have adopted the following resolution:

Resolved, By the Regents of the University of Michigan, that Dr. George Augustus May be permitted to retire under the provisions of the Bylaws of the University as of July 8, 1942, that the title Associate Professor Emeritus of Physical Education be conferred upon him, that the usual retiring allowance be provided for him beginning with the date of his retirement, and that he be invited to make use of the University's facilities in connection with such studies and activities as he may engage in as an emeritus member of the Faculty, and be it further

Resolved, That the Regents cordially felicitate Dr. May upon his many accomplishments as a member of the faculty of this University and wish him all health and happiness for the future.